Salomon S-LAB SENSE 3 ULTRA SG cross-country running shoes singapore

From the toe part, basically you can see the difference between this shoe and other SENSE, larger big bite is the shoes in the face of complex road surface grip performance guarantee, and this S-LAB SENSE 3 ULTRA SG’s big bite is very similar to the very popular Salomon SPEEDCROSS series.

After hardened toe has a lot of space to ensure the flexibility of the toes in the complex outdoor environment inside, the toe of the crash capacity is a hard target, long-distance race, the toe to have enough space for foot activities, A large part of the reduction of black nails chances.

Salomon customary fast laces and elastic storage bag, compared to the previous few days I wear the shoelaces fixed to the toe position of the practice, this storage safer, greater degree of storage laces, sports laces will not Spread out, it will not be tied to the outside plant.

Prototype of shoelaces shoelaces buckle, easy to use and fast, Salomon shoes in order to achieve the highest light, using a very thin mesh, a little soft. Disadvantages are all glowing white edge. Looks a bit rough, but does not affect the use.

S-LAB SENSE no major difference in the material, light-weight quick-drying mesh fabric fast dry, simple quick-drying inversion, the largest Chengdu to protect the ankle, avoid shoes wear heel, soft tongue with bag Elastic belt to use, to ensure flexible and comfortable instep.

Black heel is with the non-SG models S-LAB SENSE 3 ULTRA appearance distinction, but there is no big difference, this S-LAB SENSE 3 ULTRA simple to the reflective settings are not one. Experts do not seem to run the night road.

S-LAB SENSE series of the biggest differences in the bottom of the configuration, the beginning we said that this ULTRA SG combined Salomon SPEEDCROSS and SENSE the advantages of two shoes and research and development. This main soft ground shoes. Outsole configuration improved the configuration of the large rubber, so that it can have a better grip on the soft ground and driving. Larger bottom bite flowers in the gravel soil surface can be more rapid response.

Although the end of this year’s off-road running shoes are popular, very fire. But the S-LAB SENSE 4MM before and after the gap actually has a higher flexibility, easier to control them. Improved the big bottom in the long distance to ensure better comfort performance, and this off-road King KILIAN JORNET may have more say.

The forefoot can quickly feedback and ensure long-distance high-performance, the secret is hidden in the bottom of the preparation of the material on the line, the polymer structure of carbon fiber material lightweight, but durable strong, because expensive, not ordinary shoes affordable of.

Speed ​​design of the slender toe shoes look very delicate, hollow forefoot design with carbon fiber board, do not know will not be stuck inside the gravel soil. Increase the forefoot contact area to shock absorption effect and landing stability. As if there is always the impulse to buy non-essential.